"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust


Powerful sources from various approaches must come together to spread their light. We hold space for your wellbeing, so you can join the community of positive social outcomes. 



Pranic healing changed my life.


I was drifting in life and investing my time in mundane activities. My husband and I were in one of Dubai's top architectural firms however with the construction downturn in 2008 a lot of uncertainty prevailed in our life. I studied healing to find peace in myself. Teaching came to me as a bonus tool which empowered me as much as it helped my students.


If people are made aware of a scientific way to approach well being, we together can create heaven on earth. 

I started healing for my son.

My son diagnosed with autism received healing from an instructor, that day he was calm and slept peacefully. Later his hyperactivity, speech, and understanding saw great improvements.

When your family member is in pain you don't need to wait for first aid or a doctor, you can help them with your own powers to come out of their pain. I want to guide all mothers struggling for their children. There is a way out to help them and yourself lead a life of comfort. 

To help people alleviate their pain has been my calling.


My journey into healing started in 1998 when a friend told me her younger sister was a Basic Pranic Healing Instructor in India. Next thing I knew I was registered for her class and my journey into healing had begun.

I want to tell all my clients that your hands can heal. It is wonderful you came to get healed and it would be greater if you could heal yourself. Learn so you can help yourself, your family and friends.

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